Calgary Employment Agencies

What changes do recruitment agencies Edmonton and beyond need to address today and in the future?

Outsourcing of the Whole Recruiting ProcessEmployment-agency-calgary

Outsourcing began with companies keeping their marketing, design and sales teams in house while paying other businesses to build products to their specifications. Outsourcing has expanded to the point that a business can outsource its call center for customer service, manufacturing of the product, repair work to centralized depots, design to engineering firms and do nothing but coordinate the pieces with a small in house staff. The internet has led to growth in the outsourcing of office functions, from hiring accounting firms to manage your book keeping to recruiting firms to outsource almost the entire recruiting process. Recruiting firms still take on the task of finding rare subject matter experts or top talent in the industry. They more frequently take over much of the recruiting process and work that was once done by personnel. Recruiting firms are increasingly doing everything from drafting the job description to placing the ads to screening candidates to performing background checks. The client still usually has final say in who is hired after interviewing the final few candidates the recruiting agency has selected for them. For many manufacturers and call centers, the process may be even shorter, with the client simply handing out badges and scripts or walking people to the product assembly area where they will be working that day.

The Legal Mandates

Recruiting is changing due to a rise in legal mandates regarding diversity and regulations affecting the workplace. Recruiting firms need to stay abreast of these rules and regulations, since more businesses large and small are outsourcing their entire recruiting process to staffing agencies instead of running afoul the authorities for violating one of them.

The Shifting Job Market


Recruiting agencies are seeing growth in temporary and contract jobs. Employers can no longer afford to hire people with the expectation that they’ll be there for life and then lay them off when a contract is lost or sales drop. It is cheaper and simpler to hire contractors for a set duration or bring in temporary labor when demand spikes. Bringing in contractors can improve morale for permanent employees, since employees aren’t overworked when work load suddenly spikes and departing contract employees don’t bring the collapsing morale layoffs do. Likewise, the percentage of the workforce that works on contract or in temporary assignments has grown because employers don’t want to add to their permanent headcount, leading many to work with recruiting agencies as a matter of course. For some, contract work brings the higher pay rates of freelancing while recruiting agencies keep them steadily employed, the next assignment set to start when the current one ends. For others, recruitment agencies allow them to pick and choose assignments or take three months off by simply selecting a position that ends when their planned vacation or school semester does.


Changes in the workplace, regulatory atmosphere and work force have significantly benefited recruitment agencies Edmonton and beyond.