Learning and Work

This research area is devoted to pursuing critical investigations of all aspects of learning that may be relevant to work. Learning includes formal schooling and continuing education courses, but also informal self-directed and collective learning in workplace, household and community spheres. Work includes various forms of paid employment, domestic labour and community volunteer activities.

Many aspects of learning-work relations are addressed:

  • connections between early family socialization and career choices
  • learning and the creation of socially responsible work
  • economic restructuring and technological education
  • the treatment of work in school curricula
  • the relevance of vocational schooling and informal learning for getting a job
  • the array of continuing and informal learning activities in work organizations
  • comparisons of the learning practices involved in housework and paid employment
  • systemic underemployment of learning capacities in relation to class, gender, racial, generational and disabilities
  • learning practices of unemployed people
  • the democratization of learning and work

Most faculty teaching in this area are associated with either the Learning, Work and Change research area in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education or the Workplace Learning and Change research area in the Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology, as well as the Secondary Program 4 (Education and Work) in the Initial Teacher Education Program. Much of the relevant research is conducted through the Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW), which is jointly sponsored by these departments.

Faculty associated with this research area include: M. Laiken, K. Mirchandani, S. Mojab, R. Ng and J. Quarter (AECP); S. Acker, N. Bélanger, K. Dehli, G. Sefa Dei, Margrit Eichler, R.B. Folson, D. Livingstone, P. Olson, P. Sawchuk, W. Seccombe, N.N. Wane and T. Zoric (SESE).

Graduate Courses

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Preservice Courses