Recruiting Agencies

What Do Clients Look for In Recruiting Agencies

What do clients look for in employment agencies Red Deer area and its environs?


Using a recruiting firm to find talent is an economic decision. The recruiting firm may be hired because they can do so at a lower overall cost than the client’s in house staff. Or they are hired because they can find someone significantly faster, such that the cost of the recruiter is offset by getting someone into a key position and contributing to the bottom line sooner. Both of these reasons for using a staffing firm become irrelevant if their placements don’t have longevity.
Longevity refers to how long people stay, and it has an inverse relationship to the turnover ratio. A slightly higher priced headhunting fee is more than compensated for by not having to use the cheaper place twice in one year. One indication of this is the internal attrition rate in the staffing agency itself, how quickly its staff turnover. Another way to determine this is asking their other clients what percentage of placements leave before the contract ends.


The markup is the fees associated with hiring someone through the staffing agency. These fees can range from 30% to 150%. Any markup over 50% should be scrutinized careful. Conversely, the price of finding a subject matter expert quickly may be worth the price, relative to their financial impact in the organization.

Screening and Background Checks

Screening and background checks are desired in some areas, essential in areas. If you are hiring cashiers or accounting personnel, does the recruiting agency check for red flags that could lead to theft in the future or prior incidents of abusing petty cash and expense accounts?

Clearly Defined Process Outsourcing

Recruiters used to search the job postings and present candidates in their own stable that met the position’s requirements or take calls from a company’s HR lead asking for them to supply candidates for interviewing. Recruiting firms are increasingly becoming recruitment process outsourcing groups. In these cases, they do everything from create the recruiting website and job ads to manage the applicant tracking system to interview candidates. They typically handle employment branding, market research on salary rates for job positions, collect and report diversity metrics as required for many larger employers and ensure compliance with employment law.
Some clients look for recruiters who can take over a particular portion of the recruiting process and dovetail into the client’s own processes, if not HR software system. Many clients seeking employment agencies Red Deer area service providers want an all in one outsourcing of their recruitment process, so that human resources can focus on supporting their current staff.