Recruiting Agency That Fits You


When you search the employment agencies Calgary calls home, you’ll find many options. How do you find a recruiting agency that fits your needs?

Are They a Fit for You?

Research the recruiting agency’s client base relative to the type of job you want. Are they generalists or specialists? If you yourself are highly specialized, a specialized firm is your best bet at finding an assignment that meets your needs and pays a market rate. For example, a system administrator is more likely to find an IT admin position quickly with an IT recruiter than a generalized practice. A nurse will typically find a contract position faster with a medical recruiting firm than a generalist firm. Executives like retired business owners seeking to find a new position will find something faster with an executive search firm. Conversely, if you have a wide variety of skills or want to try a number of positions out before you commit to one area of study, a generalized firm can find you work quickly almost anywhere. If you work in construction, the service industry or have standard clerical skills, a generalist firm offers a number of assignments from which to choose. If you work in the oil fields or technical field, a specialized firm may be the best route to finding a position that pays the market rate for your expertise.


Can They Find The Right Job for You in a Timely Fashion?

Recruiting firms can range from big to small. How small? A recruiting firm could consist of one unemployed personnel manager soliciting resumes to send to companies that the job seeker could send his or her self. All it takes is a web page and a little marketing. Recruiting agencies range from small local offices to large multinational businesses with offices across the nation. Large recruiting firms are more likely to have large businesses as their clients, resulting in many openings job seekers can select from. Larger recruiting agencies are also more likely to have specialized divisions for IT, medical, technical and salespeople, maximizing the odds that these individuals will be able to find work quickly with the recruiter. Smaller agencies tend to focus on the immediate area, such as recruiters who refer walk-ins to day labor positions at local manufacturers. Conversely, smaller firms may also have the narrow focus to help those whose job category has very few job openings across the nation to find a position anywhere.

Are They Legitimate?


The internet has given scam artists a new way to steal identities and even money from job seekers. Scammers often post jobs on the internet, soliciting resumes. They then request personally identifiable information, ostensibly to run a background check, before stealing someone’s identity. Or they may say you’re a great fit but you need to pay for this screening or another fee in order to be sent on interviews. The job seeker sends them the money, finding themselves without a job and less money than they had before. One way to avoid this problem is to verify the address of the recruiting agency. The best solution is to work with employment agencies Calgary and environs, local firms you know are not just another scam to separate the desperate from their money.